August 27, 2015

Tropical Storm Erika strikes Leeward Islands

Thursday, Aug 27, will see TS Erika striking the Leeward Islands with 45-50 mph winds on its western/northwest march towards the US.  Many factors continue to make forecasting this storm difficult but the latest computer models are forecasting Erika to make a more northerly track as it approaches the Bahamas and SW Florida.

Erika will continue to experience strong wind shears and interference from Puerto Rico and Hispanola land masses prior to tracking into the Bahamas where warmer waters and low wind shear await the storm. 

Erika's health after two more days of disruptive wind shears will play a big part in determining  if this storm can survive and/or intensify.  Most models are currently indicating the storm could be a Category 1 hurricane (winds 74-95 mph)  as it approaches the Bahamas and SE Florida on Sunday to Monday.  

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