August 21, 2012

Tropical Depression Nine Forms in Atlantic

A system brewing in the central Atlantic became Tropical Depression Nine early Tuesday morning, and could eventually impact the United States. The next name on the list is Isaac. According to Dan Kottlowski, head of the Hurricane Center, "We expect the system to continue to become better organized over the next couple of days." The depression is moving toward much warmer water and lower wind shear.
There is potential for this system to become a tropical storm and then a hurricane. The precise track of the system from later in the week and beyond is a little uncertain and will depend on the strength of the system itself and the state of a large high pressure, known as the Bermuda-Azores High.
However, a general arcing movement or curve around the high is anticipated, which will bring the system in contact with the Greater Antilles this weekend and potentially over or near Florida and the southeast coast of the U.S. in general next week. This is a different scenario than Ernesto and Helene, which plowed nearly due west into Central America and Mexico.
By Alex Sosnowski, Expert Senior Meteorologist –

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