August 22, 2012

Isaac May Take a Turn for Florida

Tropical Storm Isaac is forecast to become a hurricane later this week as it moves west-northwestward, touring the northern Caribbean with squalls of heavy rain, gusty winds and rough seas. Hurricane Center meteorologists anticipate the storm curving to the north later this weekend into early next week. Exactly where Isaac makes this turn will be a key for the track and severity of impact on Florida and the southeastern United States during the week of Aug. 27.
The overall size of the system by then will also determine how far-reaching the effects of the tropical storm or hurricane will be. We can say at this point that there is the potential for periods of heavy rain, severe thunderstorms, gusty winds, flooding, rough surf and heavy seas as Isaac turns to the north and moves near or over Florida spanning Monday into Wednesday.
At present forward speed (approximately 20 mph), the greatest impact [for central Florida] is likely to occur Monday afternoon into Tuesday with conditions potentially deteriorating during Sunday night, depending on the nature of spiral bands preceding the system.

By Alex Sosnowski, Expert Senior Meteorologist –

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