June 26, 2012

Governor Declares State of Emergency

(Click on image below for the entire Executive Order)

Florida Governor Rick Scott Declared a State of Emergency as Tropical Storm Debby looms off the Florida Gulf Coast bringing tornadoes, waterspouts, flooding, high winds, and heavy rain to the Sunshine State.

In the Governor's Executive Order, Scott declared that, "Tropical Storm Debbie threatens the State of Florida with a major disaster, and that as a consequence of this danger a state of emergency exists in the State of Florida."

The State of Emergency activates Florida's Emergency Management Plans, authorizes cooperation with the Federal Government, activates the Florida National Guard, and authorizes the waiver of tolls on Florida roads as may be needed.

The Executive Order also provides for the suspension of Florida administrative actions, such as those in the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, in the event those offices are closed to inclement weather.

Pharmacists are also authorized to issue an additional 30 day refill of prescription maintenance medications.

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