January 3, 2010

Florida Freeze Threat

Nighttime freezes in Florida will reach south into some of the growing areas sensitive to unusually cold weather during each night through early Tuesday as an arctic chill charges deep into the South.

In the heart of peninsular Florida, an area encompassing greater Tampa and Orlando and reaching south to Lake Okeechobee, local variation in wind as well as the presence of any open water or urban structure will determine whether nightly temperatures settle in the mid- to- lower 30s F, or break through freezing and even into the 20s.

The coldest spots will experience several hours below freezing with temperatures as low as 25F. However, this will be the exception.

Light frost and a freeze will be more common, and a substantial fraction of the area will have no frost at all.

Story By AccuWeather.com Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews.

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