November 18, 2009

Cleansweep Offers Safe Way to Dispose of Hazardous Materials

Farmers, businesses and other commercial sites will have an opportunity next month to safely and legally dispose of outdated pesticides or pesticides packed in deteriorating containers under a 10-year-old state program called Operation Cleansweep.

Farmers and businesses should call the state with the amount and types of hazardous material, and whether it is a solid or a liquid. Some of the materials, such as chlordane and DDT, have been outlawed and may no longer be used.

The state will make an appointment for a state vendor to come to the farm or other site in December to package and haul away the hazardous material. The program protects agricultural workers, emergency responders, the public and the environment from potential health and environmental risks from stored pesticides.

To participate in Operation Cleansweep, agricultural interests and commercial pesticide applicators can call toll-free (877) 851-5285 or download the sign-up form at

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