August 25, 2009

Tropics May Soon Turn Active Again

The tropics calmed down on Monday when once-Category 4 hurricane transitioned into a non-tropical low. A new area of disturbed weather may not only interrupt this quiet spell, but could impact the East Coast.

The area being monitored is located north of the Leeward Islands. Strong wind shear is currently preventing the system from organizing and developing, but that should change starting later today.

The wind shear is expected to weaken some beyond this morning as the disturbed area begins to move north of the Bahamas. Warmer water also lies in the disturbed area's path.

Both of the above factors could lead to the formation of the fifth tropical depression of the season, and possibly a new tropical storm.

The next name on the list of tropical storms in the Atlantic Basin is Danny.

High pressure centered over the Atlantic is currently steering the disturbed weather to the west-northwest. The system will eventually turn more northward around the backside of this high. How quick that takes place, and how fast a storm dives into the Great Lakes will determine whether the system remains off the East Coast.

Residents and visitors planning to head to the East Coast this weekend should closely monitor the progress of the disturbed weather.

Even if this area does not move inland, rough surf will once again pound the beaches.

As the system heads north of the Bahamas, it will graze these islands with squally showers and thunderstorms at the very least.

By Kristina Pydynowski

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