August 26, 2009

Season's 4th Named Atlantic Storm Could Appear Today

A tropical wave in the Atlantic Basin has great potential to become the fifth tropical depression of the season later today. It is heading to the west-northwest at about 20 mph, the National Hurricane Center says.
Current forecast models have this system moving to the northwest, eventually curving over the Gulf Stream and accelerating northeast, away from the coast as a weak cold front across the Southeast steers it away from the East Coast. None of the track models have the system threatening Florida even so the entire East Coast from central Florida to Maine will need to keep an eye on this system’s development and track, especially if the stalling front influence wanes.

A shower and thunderstorm cluster associated with a burgeoning tropical wave about 350 miles north of Hispaniola, is the main area of concern. The shower and storm cluster is able to feed on plenty of warm water. If the wave can organize and make a closed circulation, it will likely become a tropical depression. If the development trend continues today, there is a chance it could develop into the next tropical storm, named Danny. Currently a NOAA hurricane hunter aircraft is en route to investigate this system.

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