July 6, 2009

Storms Soaking South as Many Head Back to Work

Many Southerners returning to work today after the holiday weekend will encounter numerous showers and thunderstorms. The threat for localized severe weather and flash flooding exists.

A slow-moving cold front is responsible for the showers and thunderstorms that will extend from the Carolinas to central Texas. This includes the cities of Macon, Columbia, Montgomery, Baton Rouge and Austin. Thunderstorms will also rumble over Florida.

Many of the thunderstorms will drop drenching downpours with abundant moisture in place. Commuters heading back to work or holiday travelers making a late trip home should prepare for slow traffic and poor visibility during these downpours. Flight delays may also ensue.

Water ponding on roadways will pose another hazard for motorists. Vehicles could hydroplane on soaked highways and interstates when traveling at fast speeds.

Some areas may receive enough rain that dangerous flash flooding results. The threat will be greatest in low-lying and poor drainage areas. Places that receive more than one thunderstorm will also be at risk.

Parents should keep children from streams and retention ponds. A boy died on Sunday when flood waters swept him through a retention pond's drainage pipe. This AccuWeather.com Headline has more information.

A localized number of the thunderstorms will turn severe with damaging winds and hail. All thunderstorms across the South, regardless of severity, will spark potentially deadly lightning. Be sure to seek immediate shelter if you hear thunder.

Charlotte, Atlanta, Birmingham and Shreveport will be dry on Tuesday and Wednesday as the stormy weather encompasses the Gulf and Southeast coasts. Severe weather and flash flooding will remain a localized threat.

By Kristina Pydynowski AccuWeather.com

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