July 6, 2009

Storms Drench the Deep South

There will be a continuing need for umbrellas in the Deep South. A stalled front along the Gulf of Mexico coast will yield additional rounds of soaking storms through Tuesday and beyond.

Thunderstorms have been firing intermittently over part of this region for the past week. Storms Sunday into Monday have been especially focused.

Where downpours persist, the concern for flash flooding and urban flooding will be the greatest. The ground is saturated from the previous heavy rainfalls. People leaving the mall or grocery store without an appropriate shield could have a drenching surprise.

A large air mass of steamy tropical air will engulf the Gulf of Mexico. While this is nothing new, it combined with the old frontal zone will continue to produce downpours.

Much of the Gulf coast from Florida to Louisiana will be under the gun for the flooding risk through the rest of the week. Secondary roads in this region have the potential to be turned into waterways. Bouts of heavy rainfall on interstate highways will lead to poor visibility and ponding.

Small streams and rivers will overflow their banks if persistent heavy rain falls. People will need to be extra cautious not to drive through flooded roadways. Residents near streams or rivers should keep a watchful eye for flooding.

By Alex Sosnowski AccuWeather.com
AccuWeather.com's Mike Griffith contributed to the content of this story.

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