April 11, 2009

Stranded Cattle Get Help

Not only has recent North Florida flooding damaged homes and businesses, it also stranded livestock.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission personnel, working with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office and Florida Department of Environmental Protection officers, delivered hay to the stranded animals.

"This isn't normally something we would do," said Lake City-based FWC Officer Jeff Summers. "However, because of the flood and our specialized equipment, our assistance was requested to help feed the cattle."

The herd belongs to Dr. Irvin "Bo" Bembry of Jasper. After 45 bales of hay were delivered to the boat launch area off Southwest 86th Boulevard, north of Jasper, Summers loaded up his airboat.

"We had to go about half a mile 'upstream' to get to the animals," Summers said. "About 35 to 40 cattle were stranded in the flood."

It took four trips to deliver all the bales.

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