February 10, 2012

More Rain Heading for Florida

A storm brewing in Mexico will send a dose of rain across much of the Sunshine State during part of this weekend.

The storm will produce up to several inches of rain in the central and northeastern part of Mexico over the next few days.

During the weekend, part of that storm's moisture will be sheared off and driven eastward across the Gulf of Mexico toward Florida.

The latest information suggests the rain will swing through the state during Friday into Saturday. Some areas have the potential to pick up an inch or two of rain.

The storm will be a downer for those vacationing in the state, since this is typically a time of the year with limited rainfall. However, most natives and especially agricultural interests will welcome a break in the dry weather or some drought relief.

For now, it appears that most of the rain will fall on the peninsula and not over the panhandle, where it is needed most. However, there is a chance of at least a little rain in the driest locations.

Conditions continue to range from abnormally dry in the south to severe and extreme drought across the panhandle according to the National Weather Service and the United States Department of Agriculture.

While the southern and central counties of the state were treated with tropical downpours this past weekend into the start of the week, very little or no rain fell in the northern counties of the peninsula and over the panhandle.

The now active subtropical jet stream could continue to more opportunities for drought quenching rain over the next couple of weeks in portions of the South from Texas to Florida as well as in Mexico, the Bahamas and Cuba.

By Alex Sosnowski, Expert Senior Meteorologist - Accuweather.com

Source: Accuweather.com

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