November 28, 2011

Chilly Overnight Temps To Arrive

A cold front in the Gulf of Mexico is moving toward Florida and will deliver some cooler weather for our region this week.

High pressure is dominating over the Central Plains, and will ooze into the Eastern US as the cold front makes its way through the state today.

This will allow things to get pretty chilly overnight the first half of the week (bottoming out with freezes in the northwest in the middle week) until a slow warmup begins for the second half.

The invading airmass will also be drier – however, with temperatures coming down as much as they are, it will take a couple days to see minimum Regular High's drop below 35% in the state, if it happens at all.

As with most frontal passages this time of year in a La NiƱa pattern, the best setup for rain is to our north, and the rain will gradually weaken as the front traverses the state.

However, this front should be at least a little wetter than the last several we’ve seen. The upper air pattern looks to get a little convoluted this week, but the end result appears to keep high pressure in place through the week until a cold front comes through early next week.

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