October 4, 2011

Philippe Surviving as a Tropical Storm

Philippe continues to remain a tropical storm despite encountering very strong wind shear.

The shear will weaken a little Tuesday night, allowing the storm an opportunity to strengthen.

Late Tuesday the storm is expected to turn towards the west as it significantly slows down. It then will turn to the northeast as it encounters an upper trough and surface cold front to its east.

There is a chance that it will become a hurricane later this week as environmental conditions become marginally favorable.

Shear may also increase once again late in the week, which should than weaken the storm.

Elsewhere; Ophelia, now a tropical rainstorm, continues to move quickly off to the east over the northern Atlantic. It will track in the general direction of Scotland over the next couple of days.

The rest of the Atlantic Basin remains relatively quiet.

By AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Matt Alto

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