September 6, 2011

Tropics Tuesday Update

Despite Katia staying away from land, big swells and rough surf will pound the East Coast this week. This is especially from the Outer Banks to New England Wednesday to Friday.

Dangerous rip currents will increase in frequency this week; those heading into the surf should be on guard for dangerous conditions.

Bermuda will not escape the dangerous increase in tides and rip currents this week either.

Lee made landfall yesterday morning in south-central Louisiana, and then weakened to a tropical rainstorm.

Lee still brings the threat for rain, as well as tornadoes across much of the Southeast for today.

However, Lee and its moisture should be absorbed into an upper-level trough and frontal system to the north by midweek. Heavy rain associated with Lee will move into the Northeast through tomorrow, leading to the renewed threat for more flooding.

Meanwhile, a vigorous tropical wave about 600 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands in the eastern Atlantic could develop into the next named storm. The wave is associated with a broad area of low pressure.

Widespread thunderstorms noted on satellite are showing a broad circulation, an indication that organization into a tropical depression may already be under way. Initial movement would be to the west-northwest this week.

The intensity of any tropical system is a bit uncertain at this point, but thunderstorms and gusty winds may move into the Windward and Leeward islands by this weekend.

Closer to the United States, there is some indication a tropical system could develop on the tail end of front in the southwest Gulf of Mexico later this week. Any development or organization will be slow through the end of the week.

Elsewhere, there are no imminent threats for tropical development in the basin.

By Expert Senior Meteorologist Dave Dombek, Updated By Meteorologist Don Pillittere

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