September 27, 2011

Tropical Storm Philippe; the Remnants of Ophelia

While Ophelia is a remnant low, the leftover clouds and moisture could bring some heavy bands of rain to the northern Lesser Antilles through tomorrow.

There is concern that the system could regenerate into a tropical cyclone later today or tomorrow as it tracks into a slightly more favorable environment.

In fact, early guidance shows that many of the models now redevelop the system as a tropical storm by 24-36 hours from now.

Stay tuned for further updates on the situation.

Tropical Storm Philippe is continuing on a northwesterly track at this time over the open waters of the Atlantic.

Environmental conditions support brief changes in intensity over the next few days before gradual weakening commences by the end of the week.

The storm will continue to move along the western periphery of an upper-level ridge the next few days before being picked up by a large upper trough forecast to develop over the eastern Atlantic by the end of the week.

In any case, no impacts to land are expected as Philippe will remain out to sea through the forecast period.

By Meteorologists Brian Edwards and Rob Richards

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