August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene Track

More areas of North Carolina ordered evacuations after the forecast for Hurricane Irene took a turn for the worse on Thursday, with the Category 3 storm now expected to track farther inland. That puts more people within the warning "cone" issued by the National Hurricane Center.

New York City, Long Island, Atlantic City and Virginia Beach were among the areas now near the center of Irene's forecast path, along with even more areas of North Carolina, where Irene is expected to make a first landfall on Saturday.

The forecast, updated by the hurricane center at 11 a.m. ET, shows the "cone" covering areas where 55 million people live.

Irene's wind weakened to 115 mph from 125 mph overnight, but it remains a powerful hurricane. Hurricane-force winds extend 70 miles out from its center, while tropical-storm force winds extend 290 miles.

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Reported by the AG-ER Team

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