June 16, 2011

Severe Storm Possibility

While large stretches of real estate across the U.S. will bask in ample mid-June sunshine to start today, it will not end a bright conclusion from the Mid-Atlantic to the Atlantic Southeast. Here, dangerous storms will pack a punch, while sizzling heat continues to grip along the U.S. southern-tier.

More storms will also fire up along an eastward marching cold front from the Mid-Atlantic to the Atlantic Southeast, including stretches of the highly populated Interstate 95 corridor from Richmond, Va., to Jacksonville, Fla.

The greatest risk with these powerful storms will be large hail and destructive wind gusts, while there is an outside threat for a brief tornado.

The searing heat will continue unabated along the U.S. southern-tier, even though storms will likely offer some relief for residents during the afternoon and evening. A few of the storms will be strong-to-severe with the potential for damaging wind gusts and large hail. Atlanta, Miami and Orlando, Fla., will all need to be on the lookout for a dangerous storm this afternoon and evening.

Reported by the AG-ER team

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