April 12, 2011

Big Storms to Reach Atlantic Coast Today

A storm system traveling along an eastward-moving cold front may again trigger thunderstorms.

The extra lift provided by the storm system could be enough to bring yet a new round of severe weather.

Storms moving east with the front farther south to Florida could also be locally gusty.

The storms would bring the risk of damaging wind gusts, flash flooding, large hail and frequent lightning strikes.

It is also possible a few of the storms again generate tornadoes as rapidly rising, warm, humid air is twisted and force to rotate by stronger winds high in the atmosphere.

Fortunately, it appears the storms will be swept out to sea in most areas by mid-afternoon, before they have a chance at getting too nasty.

Not only do the storms pose risks to lives and property on the land, but also along coastal waters. Many of these storms may remain quite strong as they pass over the cool waters of the bays and Atlantic Ocean this afternoon and evening.

Boating interests should be on guard for the storms as they swing quickly from west to east.

By Alex Sosnowski, Expert Senior Meteorologist – Accuweather.com

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