December 13, 2010

Bronson Announces Trucking Restrictions Lifted To Mitigate Freeze Damage To Crops.

TALLAHASSEE – Commissioner Bronson requested that Governor Charlie Crist declare a state of emergency and issue an Executive Order directing the state Department of Transportation to relax the weight, height, length and width restrictions for commercial vehicles transporting vulnerable crops to processing sites. Governor Crist signed an Executive Order , which took in effect December 10, 2010, and remains in effect for 7 days.

"We are anticipating some severe temperatures early next week and this action will enable our farmers to move as much product as possible before weather damage occurs,” Bronson said.

“Hopefully, this will help our agriculture community lessen their losses."


To read please click on the title heading above, regarding the declaration of a State of Emergency due to the threat of severe weather and forecasting of freezing temperatures as far south as Lake Okeechobee. This declaration will ensure that timely precautions are taken to protect Florida’s agricultural crops.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call Governor Crist’s press office at (850) 488-5394.

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