November 2, 2010

Storms, Heavy Rain Inundate Gulf Coast

The same system that brought heavy rain and hail to eastern Texas and portions of the Lower Mississippi Valley Monday will spread heavy downpours across the Gulf Coast today. Although the severe threat is diminishing today, a flash flooding threat will remain real. More of the same weather will round out the middle of the week.

Bands of thunderstorms and heavy rain continue to track from eastern Texas into the Lower Mississippi Valley. As the low pressure responsible for the soggy weather slowly nudges east today, it will draw warm, moisture-laden air north, squeezing it out as heavy downpours from Louisiana, Mississippi into Florida`s Panhandle.

The most soaking storms will strike the Gulf Coast where a quick 1 to 2 inches will cause flash flooding. Flood watches and advisories may be required later today. While all this rain falling in a matter of a few hours does not bode well for streams, creeks and poor drainage areas, it will at least help with the severe to exceptional drought ongoing in the Lower Mississippi Valley.

This storm isn`t in a hurry to leave either; separated from the fast-moving jet stream of air zooming west to east in Canada, it will continue to spin along the Gulf Coast through the middle of the work week. It will bring more downpours to the same areas in line for heavy rain today, increasing the flooding threat.

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