September 24, 2010

Matthew - Possible Threat to U.S.?

There are a couple of scenarios which could unfold in the coming days.

Land interaction is expected to weaken Matthew and could cause the low-level circulation to dissipate.

Does this mean the United States is off the hook for a tropical system to hit next week?

Confused yet?

The bottom line is that in either case the pattern would be favorable for a tropical system to come northward and impact the United States, most likely Florida or the Southeast.

The reason is high-pressure aloft, currently centered over the northern Gulf and southern U.S., will weaken and shift eastward to the Atlantic thanks to low pressure dipping southward out of the Midwest.

With the weakness pictured above developing, anything lurking in the northwest Caribbean would have an open door northward.

The good news: we have into early next week to watch this situation, analyze the direction in which the system will move, and pinpoint the area which it will likely impact as well as get a better idea of how significant the threat is.

by Chris Dolce, Meteorologist -

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