May 17, 2010

Thunderstoms Bring Torrential Rain

Severe storms and flooding will continue to threaten communities from Tennessee Valley and to the Carolinas, and some showers will break out over Florida today and tonight as a storm system moves east across the South East Region.

More evacuations and high water rescues may become necessary in areas hit hard by slow-moving and drenching storms, while tornadoes could touch down from the strongest storms in the Carolinas.

Travel both on the ground and in the air will be delayed.

There will be some breaks from the clouds, showers and storms in the Carolinas earlier today, helping to set the stage for more volatile storms during the afternoon and evening.

The strongest storms that erupt in central and eastern parts of the Carolinas will be capable of spawning tornadoes on top of damaging wind gusts of 60 mph and large hail. There could be significant damage to some trees, homes and businesses.

Flash flooding will also remain a threat for many cities and towns as torrential rain is unloaded.

Raleigh and Charlotte are at risk for very nasty storms.

The biggest concerns with storms over Tennessee and Kentucky will be more flooding and potentially damaging wind gusts. Nashville will be included in this zone, following devastating flooding early on in the month.

Storms in this area will likely wait until the afternoon hours to develop, and they will mostly die down after the evening. A bit of rain will continue to fall.

From the central Appalachians to the southern mid-Atlantic Coast, flooding will be the primary risk.

Western West Virginia was already deluged on Sunday through Sunday night with severe flooding occurring in some areas.

In an area 4 miles northwest of Sandstone, W.Va., as much as 5.25 inches of rain poured down in an hour on Sunday evening. Whole trees were washed down a creek in the area. Several homes also suffered from water damage.

Street flooding and mudslides occurred in Beckley, W.Va., while basements were also taking in floodwaters. Some people in Meadow Bridge and Raindelle, W.Va., evacuated on Sunday evening before the flooding worsened.

Additional heavy showers and storms will cause even more problems there today into tonight.

As much as 2-4 inches of rain will pour down over the southern Delmarva Peninsula and eastern Virginia.

There could be flooding of streets and even some basements could take in water with this amount of rain.

Story by Meteorologist Meghan Evans.

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