May 3, 2010

Oil Spill Threatens U.S. Shrimp Fisheries

The Southern Shrimp Alliance (SSA) is monitoring closely the Deepwater Horizon oil spill located off of the coast of Louisiana that could negatively impact the U.S. shrimp fisheries in five states.

SSA is communicating with National Marine Fisheries Service and state government officials and monitoring the containment efforts and environmental impact of the spill with officials," said John Williams, Executive Director of the SSA. "We are deeply concerned about the potential effects of the spill on the shrimp stocks, which are migrating from estuaries to the Gulf of Mexico. The Southern Shrimp Alliance will continue to collaborate with federal and state government agencies to identify measures to minimize the damage from this tragedy."

The impact on the shrimp industry depends on many variables, such as the final volume of the spill, the outcome of containment efforts, and weather conditions. According to media reports, geologists say that the oil spill has the potential to delay the shrimp season and affect this year's catch.

Documentation is Critical
SSA advises shrimp fishermen to document current and potential financial losses from the spill. Start with gathering earnings statements from prior years. Photograph boats and equipment before the spill washes ashore. Make sure to document every expense related to the spill and take photographs of damages before clean-up efforts.
The Southern Shrimp Alliance will continue to provide information on the impact to the fishery as it becomes available.
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