January 20, 2010

Severe Storm, Soaking Rain Threat in South

An outbreak of strong to severe thunderstorms will move through the South later today and Thursday, while soaking rain spreads over areas farther north.

The storms will produce localized fits of high winds and even a few tornadoes.

The area with the greatest threat of damaging storms will be over the central Gulf Coast by tonight.

New Orleans and Mobile will lie in the path of some of the most volatile storms.

Localized flooding will not only be a concern with the heaviest downpours from storms, but also over communities that will be pelted by a persistent and heavy rain.

Nashville and Atlanta could be among the areas with some urban flooding.

Is this too early for this sort of thing? Not really.

December is the least likely time for severe weather to occur, then the frequency of such storms through the Deep South shows a gradual increase in January and February.

The frequency of severe thunderstorms skyrockets in March when much larger temperature contrasts start to appear through the South.

Story by AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Meghan Evans.

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