December 8, 2009

Another Flash Flooding Event in the South

An explosion of thunderstorms will occur across the South Tuesday into Tuesday night.

While severe weather will be confined to parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, the major impact on many of the Southern states will be another round of heavy rain.

Many states across the South have been hit by heavy rain over the past couple of months. The main cause of the heavy rain can be traced to the moderate El NiƱo and resultant suppressed southern jet stream.

That suppressed jet means that the storm track has been fairly far south for this time of the year. Storms being closer to the Gulf of Mexico can easily pick up moisture and dump it in the form of heavy rain.

This round of heavy rain will be a quick hitter, lasting no longer then 12 hours in any one location. However, we are predicting up to 3 inches of rain, and in that short of a time, flash flooding can occur.

Our rainfall map shows that areas from North Carolina to Louisiana will be hit with the heavy rain, with Florida and southern Georgia being spared.

In any flash flood situation, don't drive in flooding roads, or near creeks that typically flood easily.

By Henry Margusity

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