November 9, 2009

Greatest Threats at Ida`s Landfall and Beyond

While winds, waves, and rain will surge into the Gulf Coast today, Ida is not expected to make landfall until early Tuesday morning.

This means winds will especially be on the increase tonight into early Tuesday morning. The hurricane is expected to weaken into a tropical storm by the time of landfall.

The greatest threat for landfall will be between Mobile Bay in Alabama and Panama City, Fla, However, residents and emergency officials from southeastern Louisiana through the Florida Panhandle should watch this storm's progression closely.

Storm-surge flooding is typically the worst near and just west of the center at the time of landfall. Unprotected areas like Dauphin Island, Ala., will also have a heightened risk for flood damage as the storm pushes ashore.

Damaging winds could topple trees, especially in areas that may already be water-logged by rain preceding the storm. Power outages are also possible for many communities.

While heavy rain will continue to push farther north and east into eastern Tennessee and portions of the Carolinas after landfall, the storm will quickly weaken over land.

This means that winds and surf will start to decrease.

Following rain into Tuesday morning, places like New Orleans will be drying out as the storm moves inland.

Story By Meteorologist Meghan Evans.

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