July 23, 2009

Steamy, Unsettled in the Southeast

While a tropical system will unleash its torrential rain on places to the north, another unsettled day is in store for the Southeast with a steamy air mass in place.

Showers and thunderstorms will rumble from the central Gulf Coast to the Carolinas today. The wet weather will dampen Mobile and Atlanta this morning but will wait until the afternoon to develop over Raleigh and Augusta.

A cold front slicing into the steamy air mass will spark the showers and thunderstorms over the Southeast. If any thunderstorm produces damaging winds, it would be an isolated event.

Some thunderstorms will drop drenching downpours. Flash flooding could occur, especially where heavy rain has recently fallen. Torrential downpours left roads flooded Wednesday night near Charlotte and Columbia. Several people had to be rescued from submerged cars.

Spotty afternoon thunderstorms are also in the forecast for most of the Southeast coast, but lightning will not be the only thing that could endanger those headed to swim or surf today. There is a heightened threat of rip currents with the tropical system situated near the East Coast.

Today will be dry across the Tennessee Valley in the wake of the cold front. The dry conditions will expand to the central Carolinas on Friday, then Charleston and the Outer Banks on Saturday. New Orleans, Tallahassee and Orlando will receive thunderstorms each of these days.

By Kristina Pydynowski from Accuweather.com

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