July 28, 2009

More Flash Flooding in South

More drenching thunderstorms will strike parts of the Deep South on Tuesday. Moisture streaming northward from the Gulf of Mexico will produce some impressive rainfall rates, as well as flash flooding concerns.

Areas which can expect a soaking downpour today include much of Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Rainfall rates can reach 1-2 inches per hour in spots. Unlike most summertime thunderstorms where rainfall lasts an hour or less, today's wet weather could linger for much of the day.

Ditches and other low-lying areas will quickly be filled with water. It is important to avoid driving through water when roads are submerged and the water depth is uncertain. There could be enough water to stall your vehicle or worse sweep it off the road completely.

Story by AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Eric Wanenchak.

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