June 12, 2009

Southeast Gears up for Dangerous Thunderstorms

This afternoon and evening's storms, fueled by abundant moisture and daytime heating, will erupt in the northern parts of the Gulf states, Georgia and the Carolinas. These storms will be capable of producing torrential downpours, damaging winds and hail.

Motorists should be prepared for delays or detours due to flooding problems. Winds gusting past 40 mph in the storms can also overturn semi-trucks, and large hail can smash windshields. Be sure to seek shelter if a storm-related warning is issued in your area.

Meanwhile, afternoon showers and thunderstorms will be the norm in Florida today and each day this weekend. Fortunately, conditions look favorable for Saturday's 7:17 a.m. EDT launch of the space shuttle Endeavour and its crew of seven.

By Katie Storbeck - AccuWeather.com

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