April 9, 2009

Hamilton County Farmers: 'Worst Flood in Decades'

Long-time residents of Hamilton County, Florida, say homes and farms in the western part of the county are on a floodplain. With the water measuring six to ten feet deep in some places, folks say they're facing thousands of dollars in damages.

While residents will have to sift through their water-logged belongings, farmers have lost hundreds of bags of feed and bales of hay for their livestock.

"I've got to take inventory. Like I said, I've got to make a list of it. It is going to be worse than any one I have ever faced up to this point. Plus, the fact that they're saying this flood is worse than the one in '48. I remember the one in '48 and it didn't get this high," said Riley Anderson, a farmer taking feed to his stranded livestock via motorboat.

County officials say it will take the water about three weeks to recede and that is when local farmers will be able to assess the damage.

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