March 4, 2009

Frost returns to South Central Florida Once Again

Frosty morning here in S-Cent Florida. Scraping frost off the car at sunrise, with temps around 34F, and a wind chill reading near 30F. The strong southern stream Winter storm that brought the heavy snow to the South and east, also blasted a strong cold front through Florida, and once again we’re seeing unseasonable cold weather. Now that were into March cold fronts begin to have a harder time digging into Florida, but this one had no problem at all with is being a southern tracking low pressure system. I didn’t think I’d be removing frost from the cars this morning, but the temps fell into the middle 30’s and the winds were nearly calm making it prime for frost development. Luckily this morning should be the coldest of mornings this week.
Warming Up But To Remain Very Dry -As the week moves on the temperatures should slowly moderate, and by the weekend we should be in the lower 80’s for highs. One thing that is for sure, there is no precipitation in the forecast as mid and upper-level ridging will have a firm hold over much of Florida. The very dry conditions should continue through into this weekend with low moisture levels increasing fire weather concerns. Lake Okeechobee has now fallen below 13 feet once again with this mornings reading at 12.67 ft.

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