February 11, 2009

Weather Information is Good or Bad, it Must be Accurate

What we're attempting to accomplish on our site is nothing short of an instantenous rallying point of shared knowledge from a variety of industry experts, lay persons and internal staff.

Much of the prelimiary work has been completed within the Division of Marketing in assessing and gathering a host of data, weather projections, impacts and contact comments from a variety of sourecs.

Staff developed the "BLOG" concept and convinced us this was a tool we could employ to save tax dollars and streamline our process.

We are hopeful our vision is attainable and that the information is helpful to industry, government and businesses alike.

Department Official pronouncements and Press Releases will still be distributed through the Department Wedsite.

And we will do our best never to mislead or confuse our visitors keeping in mind we're human and often in times of great tribulation errors can be made. Again, we'll try and minimize those.

Analysis is a time consuming process--often impossible becasue the facts cannot readily be verified. Weather is a culprit that masks its' impact well. Responding to questions is also time consuming, and none of our contributors are under any obligation to respond to questions, since it would compromise their time spent on normal work and assignments.

Our goal remains to shed light and insight into weather anomalies and how they are effecting our agricultural production in Florida.

Welcome one and all.

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